Aims and Objectives

The aim of priory day care group is to provide a range of services for young children and their families. We aim to offer high quality care and education for young children, therefore parents have peace of mind which helps them to balance their work and family lives.

Our settings hold the children as the core and everything is based around them. Our nurseries are child orientated in which children will find interesting and enjoyable. We at priory day care group feel it is important to have happy staff which in turn makes for happy children.

Some important factors to us are;

  • Linking children’s experiences from home with that of their nursery.
  • Developing good relationships with parents/carers.
  • Building upon the knowledge and interests children show.
  • Creating a secure and rich environment to meet the individual needs and interests of all the children in our care.

We are able to achieve all of these factors by having a team of strong, dedicated, highly qualified practitioners who take the time to get to know you and your child.

We have a key person system in place so that both you and your child have a dedicated member of our team to speak to with any worries, questions or celebrations you may have.