Meals included are a two-course lunch and a snack tea. Children who arrive before 9.00am will be offered a selection of cereals and toast with a choice of toppings. There are menus displayed on the notice board. Please check that your child is able to have the meals planned. It is important that you inform us of any special dietary needs your child may have before they start.

Children attending a full day session will receive all of the above.
Children attending a morning session will receive Breakfast (if in before 9.00am) a mid-day snack and a two-course lunch.
Children attending an afternoon session will receive an afternoon snack and a snack tea.

Bottle feeds

We do not provide formula milk feeds. If your child requires a formula feed we request that you bring the bottles of pre boiled water, clearly labelled and pre measured formula milk. Our practitioners will then make up your babies feeds as and when they require them.