Personal Requirements

All children should bring a bag containing a spare set of clothing. If possible, please bring items according to the weather eg. sun hats, sun cream, wellingtons etc. Please ensure all items are labelled as nursery cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage. Nappies and cream are provided but if you prefer a specific brand, please supply your own.

Sickness and Medication

Our settings should only be attended by children who are well. We welcome all children with non – infectious conditions and will encourage all children to participate in all aspects of nursery life.
Children will not be aloud to attend the nursery until a health professional has passed him / her fit.
If your child becomes ill whilst in our care we will contact you, and you will be requested to collect them. We are unable to care for an ill child. Should an illness, accident or emergency occur we will act on the behalf of the parent and take appropriate action necessary.

Refunds cannot be given if your child is off sick.


Medication can be administered by staff. Please ensure all medication is handed to the Manager or Deputy along with the correct dosage and times to be given. If your child is prescribed antibiotics, we request that your child is kept away from nursery for 48 hours if suffering from chest infection etc. This helps to enable us to avoid cross infection.

Behaviour Management

At every opportunity staff encourage positive behaviour. The staff are responsible for maintaining behaviour in their room in accordance with our policy’s and procedures. The nursery will NEVER accept any form of physical or emotional punishment to any child regardless of their behaviour. Staff will assess the challenging behaviour and deal with it accordingly, giving the child an explanation of why the behaviour is not accepted. If the child continues to be disruptive and aggressive towards his peers then a *Team mate will be the only punishment for the child, a staff member will always accompany the child. Staff will always take the child’s age and development level into consideration before taking action.
*Team mate is fully explained in the settings Policy & Procedure manual.
Child Protection

It is our duty to report all concerns and allegations to Redcar & Cleveland’s Children’s Services Department. It is the staff’s main priority to take reasonable action in order to ensure the welfare and safety of the children in their care.

Equal Opportunities

All children receive the same high quality care irrespective of Gender, Race, Religion, Disability or Personal requirements. All children have a right as an individual to dignity and will be treated with respect regardless of circumstance and are given the opportunity to act and think for themselves.
Queries and Complaints

The Priory Day Care Group operates an open access policy should you wish to view our policies and procedures, please ask a member of staff who will be happy to present the file and offer a quiet private area for your reference.

All complaints and concerns are taken seriously and must be reported to the Manager or Deputy who will try to resolve the matter. If your complaint cannot be resolved you can contact OFSTED.

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